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All the world has heard of Dubrovnik - the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea! Few people, however, know where the history of this gorgeous gem made of light and stone began. Thus, our tour will take us first just above the city to view it from its best side - the panoramic view. And there, on your palm, is a precious city with its charming red roofs, white stone houses and palaces, high steeple, medieval churches...

Continuing south, we'll arrive at the charming small town of Cavtat situated on the peninsula where it all began ...

Cavtat was a small Greek colony whose refugees where the first Dubrovnik inhabitants (7th century). Today it is a romantic small town with rich history, churches, monasteries and vibrant daily life. A lot of coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, a beautiful yacht harbor and luxury hotels are only a small part of this medieval town.

On our way back to the old town of Dubrovnik, we'll make a stop in Konavle for refreshments/lunch.

Konavle was a part of the Dubrovnik region in the past and is today as well. It is famous for its lush vegetation, irresistible nature, special hospitality, famous homemade food (lamb, ham, cheese), fine local wine.

We saved the best for the last for you - Dubrovnik!

Our walking tour will take us to the Franciscan Monastery with its oldest pharmacy in Europe (1317). The Dominican Monastery is located in the eastern part of town. The Rector's Palace was the most important building in the past and is today as well. The old Cathedral is a beautiful 18th century Roman Baroque church, which underwent changes several times.

The romantic walk on the majestic city walls is the best way of ending this unforgettable tour.

We'll also make sure you have enough time for shopping, snacks/lunch, special interests - all provided by our knowledgeable local guide!

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