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Walk into the sunset by enjoying the slowing down of life in the streets of Dubrovnik!

While the town is silently saying farewell to its daily visitors, take the best photos from the majestic Renaissance city walls before descending back into the quiet narrow streets. The city wall tour is followed by a pleasant evening walk.

Our orientation tour is passing all points of interest that the Dubrovnik offers, making this a special tour because of the romantic time of the day. The shadows of the late day and early evening are mixed together into the inviting golden blue shades of the sunset. The pigeons and seagulls fighting for the last pieces of food somewhere in the corner of narrow cobblestone streets are the only visitors until the night comes and the stream of locals and tourists are out to enjoy Dubrovnik.

What are we going to do?

We shall say hello to the Franciscan Monastery with its oldest pharmacy (1317), the Dominican Monastery with its serious protective look, the Rector's Palace with its elegant allure, and the old Cathedral with the pride of old Rome.

Close your evening walk with a bonus - OUR DAILY SPECIAL!

The daily special can be provided upon your request and availability (like a folklore performance, classical concert, local band performance, etc.). Enjoy!

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