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Get familiar with all the city sights and take some fantastic photos, too, while climbing the city walls early in the morning!

This time of the day is very special - it's slow and quiet, the day is just starting in Dubrovnik! By the time we get back to the main street Placa, you'll have an insider view of the old town and our museum tour can begin.

We'll go back through the centuries, and wherever we start its rich history, the heritage of our ancestors and their dedication to keep the past alive will be revealed.

The Franciscan Monastery in the morning sunshine is a true gem. The Old pharmacy located in the eastern corner of the Romanesque Monastery, both built in 1317 and still in its original untouched beauty.

The Dominican Monastery close to the Eastern city gate, protected with its majestic walls the city through centuries. Its walls are decorated with original paintings of European medieval masters as well as masters of the Dubrovnik school of painting.

The Rector's Palace, once the most elegant and magnificent representative of the Republic, serves today as the best open air stage for classical music. Works of the Old Masters (Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart and many, many others) are performed in this unique place.

The Old Cathedral is just a few steps away from the Rector's Palace. Having gone through many changes due to earthquakes, it got its final Roman baroque look in the 18th century. Our tour ends at the old market place with tasting some fresh local produce followed by a nice cappuccino in one of our favorite cafes. Enjoy your morning!

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