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Franka Karamehmedovic
Franka Karamehmedovic

Finest of Croatia is a fairly new name in the travel industry but certainly our experience dates back to 1970. As an enthusiastic, young girl, Franka Karamehmedovic started her tourist activity as a tour guide in Dubrovnik. Loving her work she always did step ahead, advising, organizing special events for the visitors.

In her thirties she became a prestigious tour guide for VIP visitors (German Prime Minister Genscher, Kohl, Austrian President Dr. Kirschleger, American sixth Fleet Admiral etc).

In the late 1980's she founded her own travel Agency "Mondial" in her home town of Dubrovnik. She successfully served numerous groups from Germany, Austria, USA, Italy, The Philippines etc.

Her agency became a family business.

In 1989 Franka was offered a job as tour manager in a prominent travel agency in Vienna, Alpha Centaur. She spent there a year organizing tours through Europe.

In 1992 She moved to USA and had a successful travel business in Los Gatos, California.

As an expert for Europe and especially in the former Yugoslavia countries our activity is focused on those two areas.

Franka's family founded a new business with old experience, Finest of Croatia.

To benefit our clients with the best service and highest satisfaction we opened our branch office in Dubrovnik as well.

Sibila, Franka's older daughter, highly educated with Master's degrees (University of Vienna and Georgetown Washington DC), is a valuable asset to this company. As a tour manager, living in Dubrovnik, she is conducting and organizing tours not only through Croatia, but also, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro.

There's one more family member to mention, Franka's brother Dr. Hrvoje Brajcic. Dr. Brajcic lives in Dubrovnik and has a modern equipped policlinic there, where he can give you special care as a Finest of Croatia client, in case a medical need should arise. Instead of going into Emergency and waiting for hours you can be treated as soon as you come to his office. As a English speaking doctor (being for a while a doctor for American Embassy in Croatia), it is easy to communicate with patients.

Hrvoje Brajcic graduated in 1981 at Zagreb Medical faculty, where he did postgraduate studies in Alergology and Immunology in 1986, in Nephrology in 1992, master degree in Nephrology in 1999 (Appraisal of resistive indices of kidney renal flow in hypertensive diabetics).

  • He attended fellowship in Diagnostic Ultrasound at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia (by Professor Barry Goldberg).
  • He was teacher at postgraduate studies in Doppler ultrasound at Zagreb Medical Faculty.
  • In his own private practice at Policlinic “Dr. Brajcic”, 20000 Dubrovnik, Padre Perice 6, Croatia, phone 00385-20313202, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , you can do thorough check up regarding internal medicine problems, ultrasound and doppler imaging (history taking, physical examination, Ekg, doppler ultrasound carotids, lower extremities veins and arteries, abdominal, thyroid, musculoskeletal and breasts ultrasound, spirometry).

Let's walk together through medieval old cities, wander narrow winding cobbled streets, wake up with fisherman's song, stroll on the solitary beaches, enjoy a first swim with the rising sun and enjoy a golden Croatian sunset.

Finest of Croatia will make your vacation unforgettable!

And when you come home, you'll close your eyes and see a crystal dawn of a new day or a golden sundown, and you will want to be back!

You can reach Franka at (408) 375-3831, or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . You may also write to Sibila at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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