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One of many hanging bridges over Soca..

Travel slowly and you will enjoy more. A biker in Croatia isn’t really slow: it’s a small country, so he is - realatively - fast. Still, he can experience things a car passenger cannot: feel the smell of flowers, hear birds singing, taste strawberries that grow by the road and say “dobar dan” to kids that play in villages. There are great roads for bicycling in Croatia but they often have no signs, they are not even on maps because thre is no car traffic on them. But they will take you to your destination and let you enjoy the natural scenery and everything that goes with it.

The path around the Small Lake, island  of Mljet.

Nature parks, river valleys and forests are easy to tour on two wheels. Islands are not that simple since even for the biggest ones two days are more than enough and then you need to go to the next one. And there is water in between. Luckily, local ship and ferry lines will take you across for a low price, even lower – or free – for your bike.

The Big Lake of Mljet, opposite Babine Kuce village.

A great way to see the islands is to join a cruise on a wooden old timer boat (not like the one shown) and take your bike with you. Your luggage, your bed and even your cook will follow you behind. A real bike cruise. It will take you to places that ordinary tourists do not get to see. These are not only beautiful sceneries but also old towns, villages, palaces, churches and other places of cultural and historic interest.

For a complete change of scenery continue from Mediterranean to the Alps and tour the most beautiful part of Slovenia – the Triglav National Park.

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Sipan Island Bicycling

Category: Easy/moderate
Season: From May to November

Bicycle sightseeing tour offers close exploration of landscapes, villages and historic sites - especially on islands. Attractively green and surrounded by deep blue sea, they challenge you to discover their beauties and secrets Village routes, along the dense evergreen maccia woods, vineyards and olive groves of the largest island of Elafiti (Dubrovnik) archipelago. There will be enough time to explore the island of a great cultural tradition on your own, to relax, walk or swim. We use multi-gear touring bicycles, different sizes, with adjustable handlebars and seats. We ride on paved roads only and prefer to walk up the two short but steep climbs.

Things to bring with you: Bathing suit, T-shirt, towel

Day activities: Bicycling, walking, swimming

2 hours biking
3 hours other

Transfer time:
1 hour from Dubrovnik
10 minutes from Lopud Island
30 minutes from Kolocep Island

Lunch: Local restaurants

Biking in Plitvice Lakes National Park

Category: Easy/moderate
Season: From May to November

Biking routes in the World Heritage Site Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia - a landscape of forests, hills, meadows, rivers, 16 lakes and hundreds of waterfalls make it the best, most beautiful bicycle area in Europe. There is no car traffic on these paved roads and the surrounding is pure natural, peaceful and romantic.

Things to bring with you: Extra T-shirt

Day activities: Bicycling, walking

2 hours bicycling
2 hours walking

Lunch: Picnic by Black River source
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