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Explore Dubrovnik on these half and full day tours.

Insider Tour (Full Day) Email this page to a friend

Become a true insider of Dubrovnik!

This unique tour has been created to provide our guests with the opportunity to mingle with locals when starting out at the colorful green market and fish market. Enjoy the smell of fresh local produce, listen to locals bargain and, perhaps, get a great bargain yourself!

Back to the Roots Tour (Full Day) Email this page to a friend

All the world has heard of Dubrovnik - the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea! Few people, however, know where the history of this gorgeous gem made of light and stone began. Thus, our tour will take us first just above the city to view it from its best side - the panoramic view. And there, on your palm, is a precious city with its charming red roofs, white stone houses and palaces, high steeple, medieval churches...

Continuing south, we'll arrive at the charming small town of Cavtat situated on the peninsula where it all began ...

Gourmet Tour (Full Day) Email this page to a friend

Join us on our terrific blend of history, local delicacies and wine tour!

We'll take you from Dubrovnik to the peninsula of Peljesac where the Croatian hospitality can be tasted along with the excellent home-made bread, proscuitto, cheese and wine at a family farm. Bon appetite!

Nature Lover's Tour (Full Day) Email this page to a friend

Start your day by admiring nature's gifts at the oldest Renaissance park in Dalmatia and the most beautiful arboretum in Croatia- the arboretum in Trsteno, where very influential citizens of Dubrovnik Republic built their summer residences.

Love at First Sight Tour (Half Day) Email this page to a friend

How long does it take to fall in love at first sight?

If your answer is a moment, it will indeed take only a moment in time to fall in love with Dubrovnik. We'll take you to the breathtaking point just above the city where Dubrovnik shines in the morning sun leaving no heart untouched. Following this first encounter, join us on a wonderful morning walk in the streets of Dubrovnik... slowly getting to know each other.

Early Bird Special Tour (Half Day) Email this page to a friend

Get familiar with all the city sights and take some fantastic photos, too, while climbing the city walls early in the morning!

This time of the day is very special - it's slow and quiet, the day is just starting in Dubrovnik! By the time we get back to the main street Placa, you'll have an insider view of the old town and our museum tour can begin.

Sunset Tour (Half Evening) Email this page to a friend

Walk into the sunset by enjoying the slowing down of life in the streets of Dubrovnik!

While the town is silently saying farewell to its daily visitors, take the best photos from the majestic Renaissance city walls before descending back into the quiet narrow streets. The city wall tour is followed by a pleasant evening walk.

Dubrovnik by Night (Open End Tour) Email this page to a friend

Meet in the old town after sunset for an unforgettable evening out on the town in Dubrovnik!

Become familiar with the historical sights as well as the local ways by mingling with locals at their favorite cafes, bars, restaurants, bistros, etc.

Our orientation tour will take us through cobblestone narrow streets of old Dubrovnik where one can feel vibration of the city and life of its inhabitants.

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